Thursday, March 24, 2011


Good things coming - all to get followers, and post counts up!!! If I get good responses I can start doing blog giveaways!!! =)

I think I will be doing NOTD!!! "Nails of the day"....I mean, I do my nails enough to do this, honestly. I could do one every week...two times a week?? What are your thoughts???

My BH Cosmetics order should be here tomorrow, so I will HOPEFULLY (I say hopefully, if my camera cooperates) have swatches and pictures! I may be needing to order a new camera here soon!

I also have new nail polishes coming - YAY!!!! Nubars - Purple Rain and 188, CND's Effects in Sapphire Sparkle and Copper Pearl, and I also splurged and bought Nfu.Oh's Flakies #60 and Glitters #14 which ended up being the VERY LAST BOTTLE!!!! haha Sorry ladies. =( So, reviews on those ASAP! They've already shipped!!! Love this company. =)

Also, as I said I am still working on the Naked Palette tutorial - with the camera situation. We'll see if I can do it with the old camera!!!!

Just thought I'd update everyone. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a good review on some polishes and cosmetics. =)

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