Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Anyway, super long absence....but, I have a ton of new stuff - and a ton of new ideas. So look for some amazing things in the future!!!

If you haven't already - Sign up for Beautylish, it's an awesome site with amazzinnnggg beauty tips and all kinds of photos, blogs, articles, tutorials. And, my profile is on there as well, http://www.beautylish.com/bfriend

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I'm loving: Hair Products! =)

I've purchased a few products lately that I think are SUPER awesome and I just thought I'd share with you. I'm still working on the tutorial....maybe one day. =) Most of these products can either be found at an Ulta or a drug store, nothing is over $18-20, so we're going low-mid end.

First thing, is the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray. I was VERY skeptical - because I'm not a HUGE JF fan. I do like his Frizz Ease and the blonde shampoo but that's about it. I think for what it (doesn't) does it's not worth the money. Well, this one actually works and when I say works, I mean instantly! You spray it in damp hair, either in pieces (for highlights) allover, or at the rootes into damp hair, brush through and dry! It's that simple. It def lightens up blondes. It's a little more on the yellowish side than I'd like but hey....for 9.99 (plus a $3.50 off coupon at Ulta) I think it was worth it!

Moving on.....

The next couple of things I got when Ulta was having Buy 2 get one Free! =) Bed head. Yes, I have a problem. I got Bed Head Hard Head hairspray MSRP $18.99 (they were OUT of Masterpiece), Superstar Leave-In Conditioner MSRP $16.99, and Rockaholic Spray-in Pomeade MSRP $15.99. So, I basically just paid for the Hairspray and Leave-in.....and it's not a bad deal. Hard head isn't my FAV but it does the job, my hair doesn't BUDGE but it's not a flexible hold, and it's a extra hold hairspray but it is worth it. The Superstar Leave-in, I absolutely LOVE. I love the way it smells, love the way it feels...and it's got a little bit of volumizing hold in it as well. Great for a poufy blowout. The Pomeade is okay....good for a piecey look. Not super special but I like the way it smells and it's workable.

Also - another super awesome trick I've picked up.....mix a few oz of sea salt with 8oz warm water, seperate hair into 2-3 sections, twist it tightly and blowdry! You've got yourself some super beachy waves. =) Don't have to spend a lot of money on a sea salt texturizing spray. SO easy!

Got2b is a highly underrated company...and I think their hair products are really great. I have quite a few of their items. They are coming out with more and more cool things. Now, they have something called "Powderful" that I picked up the other day. It's a fine powder that BOOSTS volume and texture in your hair. My hair is naturally thick but it's super fine *and yes, hair can be fine and thick at the same time, can also be course and stringy* so it doesn't volumize at all. THIS STUFF WILL WORK. Just a little shake and VIOLA! Super massive volume! =) This is almost the same albeit but much cheaper version of Osis dust from Schwartzchof, same company.

As always, still loving my Merrakesh Oil for heat protectant and Frizziness!

What products are you loving right now? What is the best products dealing with this humidity? Have you found something to tame your frizz?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

What I'm Loving: Eyes

So, I've decided to do a "What I'm Loving" right now section in my blog. It's just sort of like a favorites for the month or something kind of like that.... =) Could be fun! Right now, I thought I would break it down into EYES!


1) I am def loving my Sin from Urban Decay. I wear it every day. Of course, if I don't have that on it's my bare study paint pot by MAC, but Sin is the ultimate universally flattering champagne color for everyone!

2) INGLOT - looove looveee love this brand. They have such awesome pigmentation (and yes, I really need to do a review. I know! I have been using my palettes for about a month now and you can hardly tell because I have to use so little because of the color-payoff. They last such a long time and they are just worth every penny, I love everything about them and the only thing I could possibly complain about is the number/name system and the way you open the packaging! LOVE Inglot! Highly recommend them. Click HERE to learn more!

3) Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner in Carbon Black - not my absolute favorite black liner (still love my UD Zero) but, It's becoming a good go-to. Love the Stay all day, very easy to manipulate, and I like how it's a "pen" as opposed to a paintbrush style.

4) Eden Primer - I use this every day. Best EVER. Enough said!

5) Mascaras - I have a little situation/obsession with Mascaras so you'll have to bear with me! I have quite a few favorites right now Maybelline One by One, Revlon Grow Luscious Waterproof, Covergirl Lash Blast Length and Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion. I don't believe in buying high end mascaras, in fact...every sample I've reviewed they've caused issues with my eyes. So, I haven't bought anything other than UD's big fatty mascara. Drugstore Mascara is just as good if not better. You don't need to spend $24 on something when I can spend $6-8 on the same formula and get something just as good.

6) Urban Decay Naked Palette ...yes, I'm still loving it. Yes, still using it all the time! Yes, if you haven't bought one yet I suggest you do. Yes, I'm still working on a tutorial for that. =)

7) Garnier Under Eye Roller - VERY good product, I use this as a concealer (the one with the tint) and I use it everyday! It's def my go to under-eye concealer, and worth the money. I feel like it has diminished my dark circles a lot, I use clinique de-puff at night and Garnier in the morning.

8) Last but not least, Great Lash Clear - BEST. BROW. GEL. EVER.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Been a long time....

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but between work and school things got a little rough. Work is slowing down so I WILL have more time to do things! =)

Look for more updates -

What would you like to see????

Make-up, nails, wearable looks, etc????

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Good things coming - all to get followers, and post counts up!!! If I get good responses I can start doing blog giveaways!!! =)

I think I will be doing NOTD!!! "Nails of the day"....I mean, I do my nails enough to do this, honestly. I could do one every week...two times a week?? What are your thoughts???

My BH Cosmetics order should be here tomorrow, so I will HOPEFULLY (I say hopefully, if my camera cooperates) have swatches and pictures! I may be needing to order a new camera here soon!

I also have new nail polishes coming - YAY!!!! Nubars - Purple Rain and 188, CND's Effects in Sapphire Sparkle and Copper Pearl, and I also splurged and bought Nfu.Oh's Flakies #60 and Glitters #14 which ended up being the VERY LAST BOTTLE!!!! haha Sorry ladies. =( So, reviews on those ASAP! They've already shipped!!! Love this company. =)

Also, as I said I am still working on the Naked Palette tutorial - with the camera situation. We'll see if I can do it with the old camera!!!!

Just thought I'd update everyone. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a good review on some polishes and cosmetics. =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

*QUICKIE* Curly hair tips!

Surprise! I'm not all about makeup, but I won't claim I am "skilled" with hair. I will say.....I think I can do MY own hair fairly well. So, what may work for me - may not work for you, can we keep that in mind? My suggestions do not work on my own mother, so please....I try to give numerous products for you to take a look at, go out and find the best one for your type of hair and give it a try!

Best tip - for natural wavers, buy a blow-dryer with a diffuser, it will pay for itself!!! Trust me. =)

Products I would recommend, and have tested.
1) To curl my hair I MUST have Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, this is great for achieving messy-beach waves or loose curls. My favie - Aquage - Click! I am not sure if you can find a cheaper dupe for this or not, but....I would love to know! GOT2B has some great products in their line, so it would be worth it to check out some of their items. I have also used and enjoy Tiji Catwalk Curls Rock! line as well. KMS is a line that is sold at Trade Secrets, and can be found online at Amazon.

2) For gel-lovers, try and find one with a de-frizzer. Or use a mousse. I am not a fan of gel, due to the crunchy feeling. Yuck-o.

3) Spray product, spray hair spray, diffuse, spray product, scrunch, spray hair spray. That's my routine!

Okay - that was my quickie tip!!! Thinking I'll make that like a little mini-series or something, got any ideas for quick tips??? =)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

BACK - with REVIEWS!!!

So, it's been a hard time between figuring out personal time and work again that I haven't written much. =( But, I'm back!!! And, I have reviews of products! Yay! Some are old news but new to me.

First up is Coastal Scents, a lot of hype around these palettes and I've had one for a long time....and I do enjoy it a lot! I bought the camoflauge palette click here! and the contour and blush palette click here! and also the 28 neutral palette click here! . I know they are out of stock on coastal scents I ordered mine on amazon.

I find the camo and the contour and blush palette to be great. The versatility of both is great! It can be used by anyone. The C&B is not as scary as it looks, that dark contour color does not come off as dark as it is and the blushes are really great. I'm not thrilled with the highlight colors, as I prefer more of a shimmer highlight but - that's me...sometimes I like matte. But, for the price of the two ($16.95 and $18.95 respectively) a winner!!!

The 28 neutral palette, gets an "Okay" in my book - I was expecting to be wow'ed so I guess that's my downfall. Maybe, anticipating too much? Looking for a Naked palette dupe? - Anyway....not great color payoff. Eh, there are good colors and bad colors. I wouldn't suggest this for someone who doesn't do neutrals on a daily basis but for someone who does browns a lot this is a good palette. I am just not impressed with some of the darker shades, I expected a better pigmentation on some and it just wasn't there. Still pretty, just not what I expected.

Another awesome haulage thing I got while in VA - NYX Pinched Blush - LOVE THIS!!!! It's a great dupe for NARS orgasm, and hello - a fraction of the price. Those of you that want that beautiful gold shimmer and pretty pink glow from Orgasm and don't want to spend $27, this is a good dupe! I like it.

I also picked up the Benefit Get Cheeky Mini's while I was at Sephora and got my birthday gift. Really like those, I would recommend High Beam to anyone. I really like Posi-Tint more than I thought I would. I like Beni-tint but I hate the smell and flavor. Eh, it's okay. Nice color payoff and they last a long time but the flavor and smell is lacking. I know it's rose infused...but, eh I hate roses.

Onto the final haul product - Philosophy's Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer. I am not really sure what I want to say about this product. It is a GOOD product, I felt that it evened out my skin, and my face seemed softer and doing better, but I think it started breaking me out??? I don't know, I had planned on using it again to test run 2nd time but, never got around to it. Maybe I will start that this week. I like it, do I think it is worth the price. No. Would I buy it again, probably not. Am I disappointed - not really. I also think the colors are a little difficult to match, as there are only 8 and even the extra light is almost not a match for me. Odd.

Sooooo, I've got some requests for a tutorial for the Naked Palette - not exactly sure how I am going to do this - if I will film it or if I will take pictures or what just yet but look for that coming up!!! Look for a nail polish haul/review in the future and a few more how-to's. VOTE FOR YOUR NEXT ONE!!!