Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tricks of the Trade: Eyeliner

I've always wore eyeliner....even before I was heavy into makeup. I always felt like I looked dead without it on. Just my personal opinion a lot of others don't wear it at all. I think it makes my eyes more blue. Again, that's just me. =)

Sooo - how do you keep it from running, where do you put it, what's the best liquid liner, what's the best pencil liner, wheres the best application for the most dramatic/subtle??? Guess what girlies, hold on to your undies... I'm gonna TELL ya!!! ha

The first thing I want to say is....it's all about personal preference - many people like the ease of a pencil...so this is where I will start, as this is what I use the most. I have many favorites, at varied prices. Here are a few brands I always go back to:

Rimmel Special Eyes $4
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil $4
Covergirl  Liquiline Eyeliner $7.99 (Just discovered this LOVE it)
Urban Decay 24/4 Cream eye liner $18
MAC Eye Kohl $20

Stila Smudgestick $20

Most of these tried-and-true will last throughout the day, are very easy to smudge, blend and can be used with sensitive eyes. The next category is gel - not many recommendations on this (as I've only tried a few products and don't "like" gel) so I'll just go two: Maybelline Eye Studio's Gel Liner and MAC Fluidline in blacktrack, they are very similar and if your looking for a good duplicate to Fluidline Maybelline would be it!

Finally, liquid liners, these are more tricky. I wouldn't suggest these to a makeup newb just for the simple fact that anyone has a hard time controlling these. Here's my favs!

ELF Waterproof Liquid Liner $1 (I have used this in every color EXCEPT plum, LOVE this stuff!)
Wet and Wild Liquid Pen Liner $4
NYX Slim Liner $8
Kat Von D Tattoo and Autograph Liner $18 and $16

Now, applications:
There are many places eyeliner can go - lower lash line, lower waterline, upper waterline (also known as tightlining), and the upper lash line. There are a few techniques you can use to keep your liners from running all day when you apply them in the morning.

First of all - on the waterline, use a q-tip to wipe away the moisture before you apply your liner. This will help the liner stick more to your eyes. Gel liners stay better as they are already water based. Once youve placed your eyeliner, dab a matte black shadow over top to set the liner. You can also use this technique (dabbing the shadow) on the upper lash line to help it last and create a fuller effect with your lashes. For a more dramatic look, apply your gel/liquid liner OVER your pencil liner and wing the end out by your eyes.

That's all for eyeliner folks! Let me know if you have any other ideas, questions, comments! =)

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