Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I'm loving: Hair Products! =)

I've purchased a few products lately that I think are SUPER awesome and I just thought I'd share with you. I'm still working on the tutorial....maybe one day. =) Most of these products can either be found at an Ulta or a drug store, nothing is over $18-20, so we're going low-mid end.

First thing, is the John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray. I was VERY skeptical - because I'm not a HUGE JF fan. I do like his Frizz Ease and the blonde shampoo but that's about it. I think for what it (doesn't) does it's not worth the money. Well, this one actually works and when I say works, I mean instantly! You spray it in damp hair, either in pieces (for highlights) allover, or at the rootes into damp hair, brush through and dry! It's that simple. It def lightens up blondes. It's a little more on the yellowish side than I'd like but hey....for 9.99 (plus a $3.50 off coupon at Ulta) I think it was worth it!

Moving on.....

The next couple of things I got when Ulta was having Buy 2 get one Free! =) Bed head. Yes, I have a problem. I got Bed Head Hard Head hairspray MSRP $18.99 (they were OUT of Masterpiece), Superstar Leave-In Conditioner MSRP $16.99, and Rockaholic Spray-in Pomeade MSRP $15.99. So, I basically just paid for the Hairspray and Leave-in.....and it's not a bad deal. Hard head isn't my FAV but it does the job, my hair doesn't BUDGE but it's not a flexible hold, and it's a extra hold hairspray but it is worth it. The Superstar Leave-in, I absolutely LOVE. I love the way it smells, love the way it feels...and it's got a little bit of volumizing hold in it as well. Great for a poufy blowout. The Pomeade is okay....good for a piecey look. Not super special but I like the way it smells and it's workable.

Also - another super awesome trick I've picked up.....mix a few oz of sea salt with 8oz warm water, seperate hair into 2-3 sections, twist it tightly and blowdry! You've got yourself some super beachy waves. =) Don't have to spend a lot of money on a sea salt texturizing spray. SO easy!

Got2b is a highly underrated company...and I think their hair products are really great. I have quite a few of their items. They are coming out with more and more cool things. Now, they have something called "Powderful" that I picked up the other day. It's a fine powder that BOOSTS volume and texture in your hair. My hair is naturally thick but it's super fine *and yes, hair can be fine and thick at the same time, can also be course and stringy* so it doesn't volumize at all. THIS STUFF WILL WORK. Just a little shake and VIOLA! Super massive volume! =) This is almost the same albeit but much cheaper version of Osis dust from Schwartzchof, same company.

As always, still loving my Merrakesh Oil for heat protectant and Frizziness!

What products are you loving right now? What is the best products dealing with this humidity? Have you found something to tame your frizz?

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