Thursday, March 17, 2011

*QUICKIE* Curly hair tips!

Surprise! I'm not all about makeup, but I won't claim I am "skilled" with hair. I will say.....I think I can do MY own hair fairly well. So, what may work for me - may not work for you, can we keep that in mind? My suggestions do not work on my own mother, so please....I try to give numerous products for you to take a look at, go out and find the best one for your type of hair and give it a try!

Best tip - for natural wavers, buy a blow-dryer with a diffuser, it will pay for itself!!! Trust me. =)

Products I would recommend, and have tested.
1) To curl my hair I MUST have Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, this is great for achieving messy-beach waves or loose curls. My favie - Aquage - Click! I am not sure if you can find a cheaper dupe for this or not, but....I would love to know! GOT2B has some great products in their line, so it would be worth it to check out some of their items. I have also used and enjoy Tiji Catwalk Curls Rock! line as well. KMS is a line that is sold at Trade Secrets, and can be found online at Amazon.

2) For gel-lovers, try and find one with a de-frizzer. Or use a mousse. I am not a fan of gel, due to the crunchy feeling. Yuck-o.

3) Spray product, spray hair spray, diffuse, spray product, scrunch, spray hair spray. That's my routine!

Okay - that was my quickie tip!!! Thinking I'll make that like a little mini-series or something, got any ideas for quick tips??? =)

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