Sunday, March 13, 2011

BACK - with REVIEWS!!!

So, it's been a hard time between figuring out personal time and work again that I haven't written much. =( But, I'm back!!! And, I have reviews of products! Yay! Some are old news but new to me.

First up is Coastal Scents, a lot of hype around these palettes and I've had one for a long time....and I do enjoy it a lot! I bought the camoflauge palette click here! and the contour and blush palette click here! and also the 28 neutral palette click here! . I know they are out of stock on coastal scents I ordered mine on amazon.

I find the camo and the contour and blush palette to be great. The versatility of both is great! It can be used by anyone. The C&B is not as scary as it looks, that dark contour color does not come off as dark as it is and the blushes are really great. I'm not thrilled with the highlight colors, as I prefer more of a shimmer highlight but - that's me...sometimes I like matte. But, for the price of the two ($16.95 and $18.95 respectively) a winner!!!

The 28 neutral palette, gets an "Okay" in my book - I was expecting to be wow'ed so I guess that's my downfall. Maybe, anticipating too much? Looking for a Naked palette dupe? - Anyway....not great color payoff. Eh, there are good colors and bad colors. I wouldn't suggest this for someone who doesn't do neutrals on a daily basis but for someone who does browns a lot this is a good palette. I am just not impressed with some of the darker shades, I expected a better pigmentation on some and it just wasn't there. Still pretty, just not what I expected.

Another awesome haulage thing I got while in VA - NYX Pinched Blush - LOVE THIS!!!! It's a great dupe for NARS orgasm, and hello - a fraction of the price. Those of you that want that beautiful gold shimmer and pretty pink glow from Orgasm and don't want to spend $27, this is a good dupe! I like it.

I also picked up the Benefit Get Cheeky Mini's while I was at Sephora and got my birthday gift. Really like those, I would recommend High Beam to anyone. I really like Posi-Tint more than I thought I would. I like Beni-tint but I hate the smell and flavor. Eh, it's okay. Nice color payoff and they last a long time but the flavor and smell is lacking. I know it's rose infused...but, eh I hate roses.

Onto the final haul product - Philosophy's Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer. I am not really sure what I want to say about this product. It is a GOOD product, I felt that it evened out my skin, and my face seemed softer and doing better, but I think it started breaking me out??? I don't know, I had planned on using it again to test run 2nd time but, never got around to it. Maybe I will start that this week. I like it, do I think it is worth the price. No. Would I buy it again, probably not. Am I disappointed - not really. I also think the colors are a little difficult to match, as there are only 8 and even the extra light is almost not a match for me. Odd.

Sooooo, I've got some requests for a tutorial for the Naked Palette - not exactly sure how I am going to do this - if I will film it or if I will take pictures or what just yet but look for that coming up!!! Look for a nail polish haul/review in the future and a few more how-to's. VOTE FOR YOUR NEXT ONE!!!

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